MonFest Street Food – 20 Nov ’15

Our first trip to Monmouth was an absolute delight… The sun was shining as we drove through the Welsh countryside with gorgeous views of the hills and valleys. We even arrived with enough time to grab some lunch and a quick walk around the town centre before the real ‘work’ had to begin.

The venue, outside Shire Hall at the top of town, was great. It always good to be in a town centre and setting the trailer up in front of such an grand building gave a real sense of occasion, alongside the camaraderie of the traders all helping each other negotiate the tight space… One of our favourite parts of any event is meeting our fellow street food vendors, and there were some real crackers at this event!

Despite the change in weather as evening set in (yes, you’ve guessed it, it rained!) the people of Monmouth were hardy and turned out in their hundreds… There was a fantastic atmosphere to this event, with great local artists playing all night, providing a soundtrack to accompany the sizzle of beef on the griddle! We were lucky to have the time to chat to lots of people and find out more about the area, the music festival, and some of the local businesses that are well worth a visit in Monmouth.

Happy Days!


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