In 2015, best friends Jon and Chris left their successful careers with a mission to get the people of South Wales asking…

Why aren’t all burgers made like this?!

And with that, Bwydiful was born. To us, it seemed blindingly obvious that all that’s needed to make a great burger is the best quality local beef and fantastically fresh bread from a proper traditional bakery. Additives and preservatives? No thanks!

People like choice though, so we set about digging up old family recipes for forgotten classics like (what’s now considered our speciality) Welsh rarebit, and eating as much as we could handle to pick out the best flavour combinations.

Since then, we have been touring events across South Wales and the West Country, as well as opening their first restaurant opposite Victoria Park in Canton, Cardiff… bringing the Bwydiful mission to life. We love collaborating with other independent businesses and this ‘community wealth building’ ethos is at the very heart of everything that we do.

Eat with us… and you’ll be asking the question.


Time Canton 1 Time Canton 2

Kitchen Takeover at Time in Canton, Cardiff – October 2015
… and yes, the cocktails were as good as they look!



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