Bwydiful, owned and operated by Jon and Chris, is a thriving new street food business, building its foothold in South Wales and beyond. Having already enjoyed very successful outings at Newport Food Festival, Blas in Roath, DEPOT and Atlantic Village in Devon, we are excited to build a strong calendar of events into the future.

Best friends since meeting through mutual friends at the pub in 2012, we were both working in very different careers – Chris in management and Jon in nursing. Having always joked about working together, the joke became reality one summer’s evening when we decided to step out of the rat race and do something for ourselves. We both love great food and wanted to share that passion with the world, and so, after a few false starts (a burger van that travels round like an ice cream van was NEVER going to work!) the concept was born.

We are founded on a few simple principles:

We love local.

Produce is locally sourced, with a strong focus on high quality Welsh ingredients. We always serve the best food that we can through an on-going mission to find the best produce that South Wales has to offer.

Fresh is best.

Fresh, quality ingredients brought together using artisan techniques guarantees the best end product every time.

Recycle money locally.

Independent businesses offer unrivalled produce and a personal service. Money earned locally is spent locally to support the community.

Our signature artisan steak burgers are hand-crafted to order, using only top quality steak mince to form the patty in front of the customer’s eyes. This artisan approach means that customers know their burgers are high quality, without unnecessary additives. This unique approach to the preparation of burgers guarantees that our customers are getting the freshest burger around.

One of the most fun parts of our “jobs” now, is coming up with great combinations of toppings to compliment the beautifully succulent burgers. Halloumi and Pesto have proved a firm favourite, and we just love drizzling homemade Welsh rarebit all over the patties.

Time Canton 1 Time Canton 2

Kitchen Takeover at Time in Canton, Cardiff – October 2015
… and yes, the cocktails were as good as they look!


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