BrewDog Cardiff Takeover!


Beer and Burgers is the perfect combo… which is just one of the reasons that we can’t wait for our Kitchen Takeover at BrewDog Cardiff.

Assemble your squad and join us for a celebration of Welsh Street Food on Thursday 2 March from 5pm.

Details here: Bwydiful Kitchen Takeover at Cardiff BrewDog


Book Now for 2017!

Our calendar is filling up fast… We can bring the awesomeness of street food to your event in 2017. 
Get in touch for a chat today – we love tea!

Thanks for the memories…

In September and early October, we were privilleged to be involved in the Alzhemier’s Society Memory Walks in Wales. We attended events in Cardiff, Llanelli and on the Glanusk Estate in Crickhowell alongside the always fabulous Brodies Coffee Co. and our new friend The Mobile Oasis.

It was inspiring to see literally thousands of people giving up their time on a Sunday morning to walk anywhere from 3km – 8km raising money for the society. Each walker had a message attached to their t-shirts to show who they were walking to remember so it was clear just how many people are affected by dementia.

The Cardiff walk was the largest event with several thousand walkers assembling at the start line in Cardiff Bay. When the walk started at 11am, it was as if someone had pulled a plug out of the basin as the sea of people, all in white t-shirts, disappeared across the start line and around the corner.

Big congratulations to everyone that completed the walk… Here’s to 2017!

In the words of Green Day…

… Summer has come and passed.

Where have the last few months gone? It feels like a really ‘old person’ thing to say, but the summer as flown by. As we head into the Autumn season, we look back over our first summer of events.

We started August at The Big Welsh Bite in Pontypridd. This fantastic event takes place every year in Ynysangharad Park, in the shadow of the awesome Lido Ponty. We had an awesome weekend basking in the sunshine amongst a collection of great food providers. It was a pleasure to work alongside Go with the Fro for the first time – these guys offer lovely milkshakes, smoothies and frozen yogurts covered with some really decadent toppings… and they’re all vegan! It was also great to have a catch up with the awesome Goodfillas,  smashing out their delicious pockets of taste all weekend.

Our position in the park allowed us to catch a few glimpses of the arena shows going all weekend – who knew alpacas could jump so high?! Thanks to everyone who supported us and to those who shared their feedback with us online.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The summer also included a few trips west to Swansea for Kitchen Takeovers at No 6, and for The Swansea Food and Drink Festival at Brangwyn Hall. The weather didn’t really play ball for the food festival, but it was great to see that people weren’t put off by this and we had a chance to chat to lots of lovely customers.

And speaking of poor weather… It was a little like working behind a waterfall when we joined Merthyr by Sea. The beach was installed into the town centre, complete with deck chairs, fairground rides and sticks of rock! In between monsoon-like showers, we enjoyed watching sandcastles aplenty being constructed.

Finally, we rounded off our summer with The Hub Festival in the centre of Cardiff. What a fantastic weekend!! We loved every minute, met loads of fantastic people, and received so much great feedback that we were left with a warm glow for several days after… Bring on 2017! It was also a pleasure to meet the good people of Katiwok for the first time – their takeaway is on Crwys Road and if you haven’t yet sampled their Kati Rolls yet then do it. Do it now. Now.


From music… to food… to music again.

Despite the Great British weather’s most adamant (and wet!) protestations, it actually is the summer which means that it’s festival season…

We were delighted to spend the first 9 days of the schools’ summer holidays enjoying the wonderful range of music acts at Monmouth Festival. Almost every night, we found ourselves singing along to the music from the main stage. We were so impressed by 4th Street that we streamed their album the whole way home – give them a listen, you won’t regret it.

This was our longest and biggest event to date and it was an absolute pleasure to build up a collection of ‘regulars’ across the week – thank you to those of you that chose to dine with us most nights. It was always a joy for us to see your smiling faces approaching each night.

Trailer at MonMusic

Our immediate neighbours for the week kept us laughing and well fed all week too – That (wonderful) Fish Guy did his usual magic with the ocean’s inhabitants and Whittingham Catering were always on hand with some fab noodles and sauces. Special mention as well to Geoff of MJ’s Fresh Food Bar who was a little further down the line serving up some of the nicest crepes we’ve had the pleasure of sampling… Geoff opened his cafe in June, and he’s already making waves (and pizzas, juices and smoothies) in the town centre – make sure you call in next time you’re there.

MonMusic Panorama

The warm welcome we’ve always received in Monmouth was present throughout the festival and we hope to return to the town again soon.

Onwards with the rest of the summer though, and we have a few more festivals ahead … On the 6th and 7th of August, it’s all about The Big Welsh Bite in Ynysangharad Park, Pontypridd.


We visited this event in 2015 as we were preparing to launch Bwydiful and had a fab day, which included sampling loads of good food…… all in the name of research you understand! As we left that day, we told ourselves that we had to be there, on the other side of the counter, in 2016 so we were over the moon when our application was accepted.

And, to round off the month, we’ll be at the HUB Festival in Cardiff City Centre.

HubFestival Banner

With over 200 live acts, street performances, dancing, spoken word, an actual art gallery and so much more, this is definitely one not to be missed.

The main event…

Monmouth is definitely one of our favourite places to visit. The town is beautiful, the people are friendly and always welcome us very warmly. We’ve really enjoyed each of our monthly visits for MonFest Street Food at Shire Hall over the last 6 months, all of which were building up towards the main event…

We are super excited that we will be at the Monmouth Festival every night from Friday 22 July – Saturday 30 July! Monmouth Festival is a nine day free festival offering the unique atmosphere of yesteryear festivals in the here and now. We’ll be with the Main Stage, in Blestium (Cattle Market) Car Park (NP25 3EQ) where there is a fantastic programme of music planned every night…


This really is the perfect start to the school summer holidays.

The whole thing kicks off at 6pm every night. We will be serving up your favourite Bwydiful burgers every night… Just look for the bright orange trailer!

April 2016… in photos!

It’s been a busy month here at Bwydiful Towers… but that’s just how we like it! We’ve been all over the place, attending lots of fab events and meeting lots of lovely people so here’s a little photo chronicle of the last few weeks:

#Traverse16 at Depot

We were fortunate to be invited to be a part of the Welcome Party for the Traverse 2016 bloggers event at Depot… What an awesome night! Bloggers from around the world descended on Cardiff, tucked into their food with gusto, danced the night away to the great sounds of The Big What?! Band and were kind enough to share these photos and some fab feedback online.

Kitchen Takeover at 10 Feet Tall

We took our Bwydiful Hot Dogs to 10 Feet Tall on Church Street in Cardiff for a weekend takeover in the middle of the month… We had a great time working in a proper kitchen and were really made to feel welcome by the team.



We were blessed with glorious sunshine for our trip to the Glan Usk Estate for Cwtchfest16, organised by Cwtch the Bride. Possibly our most beautiful setting to date, made funky by the hay bale furniture provided by the good people at PartyBales®. Only the one photo from this event sadly, as we were so busy serving up Bwydiful burgers and chatting to the prospective brides and grooms that we didn’t get a chance to take any more!

What’s (been) occurring?!

We’ve been busy boys over the last few weeks… The start of the Spring has seen the return of lots of our favourite events.

We were back taking over the kitchen at Time in Canton.

Kitchen Takeover

We were at Depot for the awesome atmosphere of the Six Nations…


… and for a truly lovely evening of Jazz and Easy Listening music, raising money for the refugees at the camps in Calais.


Jazz4Calais raised around £2500 to support those in need, with a particular focus on the children and young people in the camps.

March also saw the return of MonFest Street Food and a lovely trip up to Monmouth – it really is one of our favourite places to visit.


There’s also been a couple of new events for us over the last few weeks… We’ve been in Caerphilly for the Shanty Street Festival and we were a part of the World Half Marathon – located in the heart of Cardiff Bay, we even attempted a selfie with Mo!

It’s been a great start to the season and there’s plenty more to come… We’re heading to 10 Feet Tall for a Kitchen Takeover; we’re back to Monmouth for more street food; we’ll be a part of a fantastic Children’s Day in Penarth;  we’re super excited to attend Cwtchfest 2016 which will be our first ever wedding fair; and we’re looking forward to the return of Blas in Roath…

… and there’ll be more on all of that soon!


Kitchen Takeover – Take 2

This weekend, we were back at Time Canton for their final weekend before transforming into Time & Beef… It was great to be back working with team from Street Food Warehouse again.

The full menu of starters, sides and desserts was back… but with a little upgrade. Smashed Avo Nachos, Chilli Cheese Fries, and Homemade Slaw all made their debuts on the menu. We also improved on our favourite waffle desserts – serving up the Cream Tea Waffle and the (now infamous) Smores Waffle!

Kitchen Takeover

Thanks for everyone who joined us over the weekend… And massive good luck to Steve, Sarah and the team at Time with the new venture.